Vice (15)

Jan 15, 2020
Anson Paul

This comedy drama follows Dick Cheney on his path to become the most powerful Vice President in American history. Nominated  for many awards the film attracted much attention in the USA, albeit reviews, like politics itself, were polarised.

ADAM McKAY│USA│132 MINS │2018│15

In our recent history you will remember in 2003 Tony Blair making the case for War with Iraq.

The film ‘Vice’, gives us an insight into Vice President Dick Cheney (brilliantly played by Christian Bale) the architect behind that war. Part drama part illustrated lecture written and directed by Adam McCay (previous film, ‘The Big Short’, about the financial crisis) it is a comedy, drama, horror film reflecting how the world is all of those things today.

Bale’s Cheney is diligence personified in the service of the feast. Beavering an impressive path from an internship with a hail-fellow Donald Rumsfeld (Steve Carell), whom he would later summarily dispense with, he rises to five terms in Congress and White House stints as Chief of Staff and Secretary of Defence, followed by a private-sector spell as the CEO of Texas oil giant Halliburton. From there, in 2001, it’s up, up and up to the Oval summit, over which a pushover Bush (Sam Rockwell) officially presides, but which the deceptively folksy and soft-spoken Cheney relentlessly oversees.

Endlessly persevering, fiercely private and ambitious as all get-out, in his down time, Dick is a consistently doting husband and father. It’s a contradiction that does nothing to soften either his stance on the US invasion of Iraq or a calculating intermingling of politics with media and big business—a marriage of convenience that now more than ever defines American political life.

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