The Wife (15)

Jan 09, 2019
Cranbrook Film Society

Glenn Close delivers a masterful performance as a woman who has spent 40 years sacrificing her own talent and dreams to support her husband’s high-profile career and who reaches a turning point about the choices she has made. Poignant, funny and emotional.

‘A smart, supremely watchable film’. The Guardian

Björn Runge | UK/Sweden | 2017 | 100 mins | 15


She thinks of everything – where his glasses are, when it’s time to take his pills, what he should or shouldn’t eat for lunch.
After 30 years together his wife anticipates all her husband’s needs and meets them before he realises that he has them – and certainly before she would even consider thinking about any needs of her own. Their marriage has hummed along : two kids and a grandchild expected, bouts of infidelity and outstanding literary success leading to a Nobel prize nomination.
It seems a perfect moment to take a breath and relish what they have achieved together, but instead it becomes an opportunity for the wife to confront some deeply suppressed truths.
The action centres in Connecticut and Stockholm, with a few flashback references to provide context. As the title ‘character’ Glenn Close is quietly devastating, revealing a lifetime of repression and resentment with just the slightest understated facial expression or withering glance. The chemistry between Glenn Close and Jonathan Price is riveting, and the confrontation between the narcissism of the prize-winning husband and the transformation of his wife makes gripping cinema.

John Badcock


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