The Well-Digger’s Daughter (PG)

Mar 20, 2013
Cranbrook Film Society

The Well-Digger’s Daughter is a French remake of another famous French film of the 40’s. The original film was directed, written and produced by Marcel Pagnol, famous not only for his films but also for plays and novels that have become classics.

The story is set at the beginning of World War II in the South of France. Patricia, eighteen, is the oldest of six daughters of a well-digger, Pascal, who considers her a princess because of her moral qualities. She is kind and devoted to her family. One day she briefly meets a young man, Jacques, the son of Mazel, owner of the shop where her father buys his material. He is handsome and teasing. Her father’s friend, Felipe, would love to marry her and he invites her to an aviation show. She accepts his invitation only because she knows Jacques, a pilot will be there. Soon she’ll carry his child and he’ll be gone and the families will have to deal with the situation.

The actors all deliver moving and natural portrayals. The direction is precise, careful and manages to capture each small emotion of the characters. The music and scenery of Provence are beautiful.

Timeless, universal and stylish, this is a feel-good factor film to end our 2012/13 season.

Cast: Daniel Auteuil, Astrid Berg├Ęs-Frisbey, Nicolas Duvauchelle

Awards: Soundtrack composer of the year, Alexandre Desplat.

Daniel Auteuil | France | 2011 | 107 mins | PG


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