The Village at the End of the World (12a)

Jan 22, 2014
Cranbrook Film Society

British director Sarah Gavron’s sweet follow up to Brick Lane travels much further away from home to focus on an Inuit community.

Shot over the course of a year in Northern Greenland, the film introduces the audience to a remote village with more dogs than people. The film focuses on four townsfolk from the tiny population of fifty-nine – Lars, the only teenager; Karl, the huntsman who has never acknowledged that Lars is his son; Ilanngauq, the outsider who moved to Niaqornat after meeting his wife on-line; and Annie, the elder who remembers the ways of the Shaman and a time when the lights were fuelled by seal blubber. In this astutely constructed real-life drama, we see how the economic and ecological future of the community is more fragile than its hardy inhabitants.

Directors Sarah Gavron and David Katznelson’s camera manages to capture the remote beauty of this area of the world as it changes from season to season. Whether it’s watching the town’s children play on the ice and swim in the natural pools or watch Lars passing time in the sole shop there’s a contentment here that you won’t find surfing Google Earth dreaming of visiting New York as Lars often does.

Awards: One win, one nomination

Sarah Gavron & David Katznelson | Denmark | 2013 | 82 mins | 12a


            Weighted vote 87.8%