Films Tagged "Drama"

Behind the Sun (12a)

Walter Salles | USA | 2001 | 105 minutes | 12a

The Dish (12a)

Rob Sitch | USA | 2001 | 101 minutes | 12a

Mulholland Drive (15)

David Lynch | USA | 2001 | 147 minutes | 15

The Front Page (U)

Billy Wilder | USA | 1974 | 105 minutes | U

Monsoon Wedding (15)

Mira Nair | India/USA/Italy/Germany/France | 2002 | 114 minutes | 15

Last Orders (15)

Fred Schepisi | UK/Germany | 2001 | 109 minutes | 15

The Lady and the Duke (PG)

Eric Rohmer | France | 2001 | 129 minutes | PG

In the Bedroom (15)

Todd Field | USA | 2001 | 130 minutes | 15

The Man Who Wasn’t There (U)

Joel Coen & Ethan Coen | USA/UK | 2001 | 116 minutes | 15

Sunday in the Country (PG)

An elderly academic painter’s family visit him one Sunday in the summer of 1912 – cue for a meticulously beautiful film by Bertrand Tavernier, with…

Down with Love (12a)

Down with Love is a nostalgic pastiche which emulates the romantic comedies of the 1960s, where sworn enemies eventually fall in love. There is a…

Billy Liar (PG)

The mistakes of a young undertaker’s clerk when he gets engaged to TWO girls with the added worry of using some of the firms petty-cash.…

The Visitor (15)

Richard Jenkins (Oscar-nominated for his role) plays 60ish widower Walter Vale, an economics professor at a New England university whose life has lost its purpose.…

The Barbarian Invasions (18)

Having a difficult time accepting the reality of death and feeling regretful of his past, Rémy is dying of cancer and tries to find peace…

Rear Window (PG)

Rear Window is one of five films that Hitchcock mysteriously withdrew from circulation over 25 years ago. Recently re-released, together with Psycho and Vertigo, it…

Mid-August Lunch (U)

The mid-August holiday of Ferragosto is the most celebrated in Italy after Christmas, Easter and New Year. Originally a religious holiday to celebrate the Assumption…

The Dresser (PG)

A study of egotism in the theatre set in war time Britain. The film transforms, with memorable performances, a tale about life in the theatre…

Wondrous Oblivion (PG)

‘No Dogs, No Blacks, No Irish’ . So read the signs put up by landladies in their windows in the ’50s to avoid unnecessary ‘confusion’…

The Shooting Party (15)

With a quality cast headed by James Mason, Edward Fox and John Gielgud this very British film relates the events of a shooting party at…

Hannah and Her Sisters (15)

This Woody Allen comedy drama, with Michael Caine and Mia Farrow, charts the amorous affiliations of three sisters and their men over a two year…