Everyone Says I Love You (12a)

Dec 09, 2009
Cranbrook Film Society

This is a featherlight confection, vintage Woody Allen, a musical comedy that follows the lives of an extended family from New York’s upper East Side. Woody Allen uses the conventions of the classic Hollywood musical in which the characters burst into song to express their feelings. The actors have to do their own singing (some voices are rather better than others) but the result is charming and more authentic. Wisely, they stick to well-known songs of the period.

The film explores the themes of love and romance, reality and make-believe as the characters fall in and out of love, often unwisely. Allen himself plays Joe Berlin, now living in Paris, the ex-husband and father of the young narrator, JD, who lives mainly in Manhattan with her mother’s (Goldie Hawn) new family. Her stepfather (Alan Alda) is a wealthy, liberal lawyer, trying to preside over a household which includes a son, daughters, his wife, his father and a German maid. The action moves between New York, Paris and Venice and contains some lovely set pieces. Look out for a cameo appearance – and performance – by Itzhak and Navah Perlman. These cities become the backdrop for dream and fantasy as reality and make-believe become indistinguishably intertwined. It is all good fun: just sit back, let go, and enjoy it!

Cast – Alan Alda, Woody Allen, Drew Barrymore, Lukas Haas, Goldie Hawn, Gaby Hoffman, Natasha Lyonne, Edward Norton, Natale Portman, Julia Roberts, Tim Roth, David Ogden Stiers

Woody Allen | USA | 1996 | 101 minutes | 12a


            Weighted vote 78.4%